Experiential Marketing

Use Case: Lionsgate's Nerve

Live Activation: Nerve NYC Premiere

The POV difference

What if fans got to experience what it feels like to embody their idol’s perspective? Our technology and process have been proven popular amongst entertainment fanbases eager to step into their favorite actor’s film stunt, their favorite DJ’s stage show, or fight their favorite MMA fighter in first-person VR. We’re here to empower entertainment and marketing experiences in ways a traditional mediums cannot.


“What makes SilVR’s content stand out is the incredible sense of realism and physical presence its technology creates because it replicates human vision. Although this technology makes for fantastic entertainment, it also has tremendous potential as a VR marketing tool.” Click here to view more press around SilVR Thread.

– [a]list Frontline Marketing, March 2016.



We research your precise needs, storyboard the narrative and direction, rehearse, and square away the logistics of the shoots.


We shoot POV footage with our proprietary camera system, keeping in mind the unique direction requirements of a POV VR shot.


We stitch and edit footage and if needed for the narrative, we build CGI elements or environments to enhance the piece.


We plan a distribution model around your needs. We are headset-agnostic and can deliver the final package in any method compatible with your initiative.