Learning in POV VR

What if everyone learned the skill straight from the master?

POV VR experiences offer viewers the chance to register the memory as if it were their own.

What if you allowed both hard and soft skill acquisition to be taught straight from the source?

Your Learning Solution, Overhauled

Skill Acquisition

Research shows VR training solutions provide higher retention rates, and our unique POV VR approach offers viewers the chance to embody the VR experience and register the memory as if it were their own.

With this revelation, we are able build learning and development experiences with high impact and long-term influence on your users’ (experiential memory), while saving you the costs and logistics of individual traditional-method training sessions. By using our POV VR technology, we can provide the benefits of one-on-one learning. Trainees can learn skills direct from the master, eliminating the dilution of knowledge so common in large organizations.

Embedded Testing

Hands-on learning and knowledge checks are ideal, but often costly and inaccessible. Our proprietary hardware and software technology – able to integrate with Learning Management Systems – brings training to the point of need, making it more accessible and completely scalable, creating great value for companies looking to solve the challenges of training. While the VR student is learning first-hand in-body, our proprietary system can keep track of an engagement score, integrate testing, and deliver analytics and robust reports, including critical time engagement scores. We’re here to migrate you from your traditional learning curriculum to the new age, customized just for you.

Scalable Learning

While in-person training for both hard-skills and soft-skills can be effective, it is often difficult to scale, often impossible to replicate, and hard to measure. SilVR Thread POV VR technology provides the many benefits of in-person but with the ease of deployment, and scalability of computer based learning modules. Additionally, organizations can benefit from detailed data reports on viewers’ experiences making this an ongoing learning opportunity for trainer and trainee alike.

Turnkey Solution


We work with clients to help identify learning and development problems and propose unique solutions. We then provide the tools and expertise needed to create impactful, engaging POV VR training modules to solve their training needs.


We capture the actual visual and audio cues from learning and training scenarios. These raw ingredients are then used to create a more engaging and impactful modules to provide more realistic and engaging learning for trainees.


We can augment the VR experiences with supplemental data visualization, information overlays, and 3D models. These are used to enhance the learning experiences and allow them to remain relevant as subject matter is updated.

LMS Integration

Clients can integrate reporting directly to existing LMS and LRS software. This makes these POV VR modules a more engaging tool for employee development and allows organizations to manage and measure the efficacy of this more engaging medium.


Whether these will be viewed in learning labs, or deployed to remote teams, SilVR Thread’s POV VR experiences can be viewed on any of the leading market-ready VR viewing devices. Likewise, these modules can be viewed on traditional hardware such as desktops, laptops, and tablets for increased ease of distribution and deployment.