SilVR Thread

is a VR pioneer with proprietary technology that enhances first-person VR by adding the human body into the experience. This additional physical presence offers a deep-rooted connection for more immersive learning, inspiration, and excitement.

The SilVR Thread story began with the question of how we can enable virtual reality to allow us to truly embody another’s perspective. How can we capture human experiences to be re-watched as memories? We then set out to build a live action camera system that does just that. 12 prototypes later, our fully stereoscopic proprietary camera system truly replicates natural human vision, allowing us to capture the human experience in full 360 degrees, including the POV subject’s body, as VR has not been able to before. The moment you look down and see your body in a SilVR Thread experience is usually the moment that solidifies the power of our technology.


Founder, CEO
David Pritchard
Co-founder, COO
Brian Sandefur
Senior Vice President
Virtual Reality Creative Director
Advisor, Learning & Development
Chief Administrative Officer
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We are seeking a Senior Systems Administrator to join the SilVR Thread team in Los Angeles. We are looking for experts with strong technical backgrounds in systems and network administration for this operations role. The ideal candidate possesses a variety of technical skills and is wired to succeed in a dynamic, hyper growth startup environment.

In a Nutshell

· Primary technical responsibility for a variety of servers, network devices, workstations

· Troubleshoot network, server, and desktop issues with the hardware development, software development, and video production departments to resolve issues

· Configure, maintain, and deploy environment management, software deployment management tools

· Help manage in-house and in-cloud storage, ensuring high availability, performance, redundancy, and capacity

· Design and manage critical customer-facing systems in coordination with software development teams

· Implement and provide continuous improvements to monitoring systems

· Proactively identify performance bottlenecks and propose remedies

· Work closely with other teams to plan and implement internal and customer-facing systems

· Shares on-call responsibility

Cool Factor

· Solid scripting experience using shell, Python, Ruby, or similar

· Familiarity with Artist DCC tools (Nuke, Maya, Deadline, Silhouette)

· Post Production Studio Experience; preferably in Visual Effects, Animation or digital media

· Storage technologies and solutions, replication, backups, and cloud

· Experience with networking and IP services (TCP/IP, subnetting, DHCP, DNS, VLANs, routing, VPN, etc.)

· Some experience designing, configuring and supporting networks

· Experience working with data volumes into the hundreds of terabytes

· Ability to work off hours for planned maintenance and emergencies as needed




We are requesting a highly motivated mechanical engineer to join the Hardware Engineering team in developing the world’s first mobile/wearable, live action, stereoscopic VR camera system. This engineer will be responsible for defining the mechanical architecture for SilVR Thread’s next-generation camera system and bringing it from concept definition through to production. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in many areas and should be comfortable working in a small team in a quickly changing environment.

In a Nutshell

·      Design mechanical structure of camera module

·      Model performance of camera module and camera system

·      Draft 3D CAD and 2D drawings for individual components and full systems

·      Conduct tolerance analysis studies to ensure designed clearances and interfaces meet performance specifications

·      Define reliability test requirements and engage with contract manufacturers to carry out testing

·      Engage with contract manufacturers to evaluate test fixture designs and assembly procedures

·      Evaluate and select suppliers for core mechanical components

·      Define inspection criteria to ensure quality control at suppliers

Cool Factor

·      Highly proficient with 3D CAD tools (SolidWorks, NX, ProE, or equivalent)

·      Strong understanding of GD&T standards

·      Strong understanding of metal and plastic manufacturing methods

·      Proficiency with thermal analysis including FEA as well as physical modeling and test

·      Experience working directly with suppliers and overseas contract manufacturers

·      Excellent written and verbal communication

·      Experience designing optoelectronic systems a huge plus

·      Experience designing rigid PCB and flexible interconnects a plus

·      Familiarity with 3D printing a plus