Imagine seeing the real world through someone’s first-person perspective, and playing it back as if it were your own memory.

SilVR Thread’s unique In-Body POV VR brings the first person into the virtual reality experience. Our patent-pending technology is pioneering this space to create learning and marketing experiences that trigger stronger, more meaningful, and more memorable emotional and physical reactions than other mediums including other VR solutions.

The viewer’s mind will believe what they are seeing is reality, offering a more immersive experience and promising better information retention.

As Seen on FOX: Valuable Use Cases of POV VR


Proprietary Camera Systems

12 prototypes in, we’ve developed proprietary camera systems that truly captures the human experience to be replicated into fully immersive first-person point of view viewing experiences: fully stereoscopic, 360 degrees, with the body included.


With specialist software customized around the needs of our camera system, post-production begins with stitching, stabilization if needed, and depending on the project, VFX, CGI, and animated graphics – all to enhance the POV experience.


Headset-agnostic, we build multi-platform VR apps for Oculus, HTC Vive, GearVR, and more. Our learning-focused VR apps work hand-in-hand with your Learning Management System to deliver knowledge checks, key user metrics, and reports for a holistic learning solution.